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Get a trading bot to do the work

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Trading bot examples

To the left you see a trading bot example, our so-called "research strategies", trading on a real accounts. Such strategies are free for you to clone and use after you sign-up.

Improve your money management with Tradeworks

Tradeworks lets you automate your money management with a range of advanced tools.

Watch the video to see how you can improve your money management.

Tradeworks integrates with some of the MetaTrader 4 brokers worldwide.

Not all brokers are the same. That's why we partner with some of the best out there.

Add technical indicators to your trading bot

Tradeworks let you enhance your trading strategies with technical indicators.

In this video, you are shown how the process of adding and customizing indicators like Moving Averages, RSI, and more, works, when using Tradeworks to create your trading bot.

Review: User-friendly interface

Shahwaiz Khan of SK Trading has provided us with this review of Tradeworks.

Review: Cloud-based and hassle-free

In this review, Minhazul Islam discusses Tradeworks.io. He highlights the ease of using the platform to create and run trading strategies on an MT4 account. The review emphasizes the hassle-free experience and the ability to create custom strategies and backtest them.



/first month

Standard price: $99/month from the second month onwards

0 trading accounts

0 active robots

10 backtests per day



/first month

Standard price: $49/month from the second month onwards

1 trading account

1 active robot

30 backtests per day



/firsth month

Standard price: $99/month from the second month onwards

1 trading account

3 active robots

100 backtests per day



/first month

Standard price: $199/month from the second month onwards

3 trading accounts

8 active robots

Unlimited backtests

Build your own trading bot

No coding skills required

Create your own open and close signals for your trading bot

In this video, we delve into the methods of defining Entry Signals to initiate positions and Exit Signals to close them. Understand how these signals work together to enhance your trading bot's effectiveness.

What is Tradeworks?

Tradeworks is a tool to automate your trading, also known as algorithmic trading. You can create such trading robots from the ground up, or copy our pre-made “research strategies” and use those as a starting point for building your own trading robots.

How do I unsubscribe or delete my account?

Tradeworks is flexible. You can unsubcribe to any of our alerts, and you can request a total deletion of your account by contacting our support desk.

What can I trade using Tradeworks?

You can trade anything your broker lets you trade on a MetaTrader 4 account.

Is Tradeworks a broker?

No, Tradeworks is not a broker. Tradeworks must be connected with your broker account. Based on your configuration of your Tradeworks account, it will send signals to your brokerage account on when to enter or exit the instruments you have chosen to trade.

Do I need to deposit money with Tradeworks?

No, you will never be asked to deposit funds for actual trading with Tradeworks, as we are not a broker. You don’t even need real money to use Tradeworks, you can use Tradeworks with a MetaTrader 4 demo-account. All brokers offer such free demo accounts.

Can I use Tradeworks with MetaTrader 4?

Yes, in almost all cases we are able to connect Tradeworks with MetaTrader 4 trading accounts.

Can I use Tradeworks with MetaTrader 5?

No, Tradeworks was built for MetaTrader 4, and we have not yet developed a new product for MetaTrader 5.