Pay-as-you-go plan:

Offer free access for your clients to trade on YOUR servers

Free affiliate plan:

Offer discounted access to Tradeworks for your clients and earn extra revenue

Tradeworks enable MT4 traders to build and deploy their own automated trading strategies, without the use of any code.

The traders can build a strategy from scratch – or start out with one of our pre-made template trading strategies.

The Tradeworks web-app:

Tradeworks is plug’n play trading

Anyone who has a little experience with trading know that many first-time traders lose all of their initial trading capital because of well-known mistakes during their early-stage trading.

These include:

  • Emotional trading
  • Lack of risk management
  • Missing out on monitoring open positions 24-7

Tradeworks helps traders manage these common human flaws.

A trader using Tradeworks has the option to avoid typical human errors in their trading.

It is not even complicated: The trader can create, edit, modify, and optimize without having to learn any coding language, Tradeworks takes care of converting the input in a natural language editor into an EA and deploying it for the individual trader.

Watch how a trader can create a portfolio of strategies in minutes:

Tradeworks is both B2C and B2B

Tradeworks has evolved to be able to server both B2C and B2B customers. Retail clients pay a monthly fee to have access to Tradeworks. The subscription price for retail users starts at USD 49/month.

The pay-as-you-go plan for brokers

This plan consists of:

A broker portal where you can grant access to a customized version of Tradeworks – only for your brokerage. The URL will be

Exclusive trading on your brokerage’s MT4 servers

Live-reporting on the time of your clients last opened trades

100 % control of your ongoing costs: You grant access/revoke access to Tradeworks though our online portal. You pay only for the users you have granted access to Tradeworks.

You pay a fixed monthly fee per client with Tradeworks access.

You pay a one-off startup fee for the creation of the domain.

The free affiliate plan for brokers

This plan consists of:

A unique coupon code for your brokerage. Using this coupon code your clients can get discounted access to Tradeworks

We suggest using the coupon codes as a part of your activation/re-activation campaigns: You offer your clients a genuine “good deal” they may find relevant, if they aren’t successful in their manual trading.

100 % free for the broker.

Earn affiliate commission: For each payment, using your brokerage’s unique coupon code, your brokerage will earn an affiliate commission. You will earn the affiliate fee throughout the lifetime of the client. Payouts are done monthly.

Want to know the details?

Get in touch if you want to know the details about pricing or commission levels.

We’ll send you the relevant fact sheet(s) as soon as possible.

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