Offer your traders a comeback:

Provide an algo trading opportunity

As a broker, you can offer Tradeworks to traders who have lost their funds in their early-stage trading. In doing so, you will offer them a comeback opportunity with a tool that can help them avoid the errors they made in their beginner-stage trades.

Anyone who has a little experience with trading knows that many first-time traders lose all of their initial account funding because of well-known mistakes during their early-stage trading. These include emotional trading, lack of risk management, or missing out on monitoring open positions 24-7.

Tradeworks helps traders manage these common human flaws. Tradeworks is an easy add-on to an MT4 broker’s product offering, as we allow your trader to activate their own algo strategies. As a result, a trader using Tradeworks has the option to avoid typical human errors in their trading.

It is not even complicated: The trader can create, edit, modify, and optimize without having to learn any coding language, Tradeworks takes care of converting the input in a natural language editor into an EA and deploying it for the individual trader.

Watch video on how the end-user experiences Tradeworks

As a broker, you may choose to share this video with a brief email to those of your traders who have lost their funds, to explain that the errors they have made are common and that Tradeworks could offer them a fresh start as traders.

We recommend that it comes with a requirement to have a funded live account. You, as a broker, need to be sure that the interest on the trader’s side will materialize, since Tradeworks of course comes at a price.

This should be easy to communicate, since Tradeworks makes real-time tick monitoring and algorithm execution available for the trader. Such a premium feature, carrying a very serious server load, isn’t made for window-shoppers and demo accounts.

Traders don’t even need to build a strategy from scratch. Tradeworks provides all traders with a range of research strategies, which can be cloned directly to the trader’s strategy portfolio and then modified according to the trader’s risk preference.


This simplicity also makes it easy to explain Tradeworks’ benefits to traders.

Here is how some of our broker partners have been explaining Tradeworks over time:

It’s easy to grant traders access to Tradeworks

From our experience we often see that brokers offer Tradeworks only to traders with funded live accounts. Having such a requirement is simple to implement since the broker is in full control of which traders are given access to Tradeworks’ algorithmic trading platform

When a brokerage has a partnership agreement with Tradeworks, they are granted unique key credentials, which allow the brokers to grant their traders permission to use tradeworks.

After unlocking the broker portal page, the broker adds the trader’s name and MT4 access credentials.

Tradeworks broker portal:

It can be done as easy as this:

  • An account manager unlocks our broker portal using their username and password
  • The account manager adds the trader’s unique MT4 credentials.
  • The account manager confirms the granted access in an email to the trader

The trader will now have access to use Tradeworks’ algo trading platform, but only when connected to the sponsoring brokers server(s).

Afterwards, Tradeworks will send the trader a series of onboarding emails and occasionally retain the interest of the traders using email campaigns etc.


Tradeworks offer a range of flexible price plans, so brokers can select the plan which is most appropriate for them.

Plan titleNo-rebate planRebate plan100 % pay-as-you-go plan
Rebate per standard lot (traded using Tradeworks)0Fixed feeFixed fee
Subscription fee per user/monthAffordableAffordableAffordable
Account bonus upon lead referralFixed feeFixed feeFlexible
Start-up feeFixed feeFixed fee0

What people have said about Tradeworks

“We see Tradeworks as the ideal partner to help Monex in filling this demand with their codeless and easy-to-use User-Interface.” Jeffrey Ng, CEO of Monex Investindo Futures P.T. said to Leaprate
“Tradeworks was the obvious choice for us when looking for the market leading algo trading tool with the best combination of high quality and broad market appeal,” said Serkan Arli, Group CEO GKFX to Leaprate
“Consistent with our pledge to deliver innovative tools to our customers, Tradeworks is a groundbreaking solution that challenges the status quo of automated trading in the FX and CFD space.” Kulvir Virk, CEO, SVS Securities to Forexbrokerz

Zero technical deal-breakers for MT4 brokers

Since Tradeworks is based on MetaTraders’ MT4 server technology, there isn’t any new technology to implement for brokers.

Additionally, Tradeworks provides reports of trading activity and other statistics for the onboarded traders’ usage of Tradeworks, so there is a high degree of transparency for brokers.

Moreover, Tradeworks takes care of almost all technical backend work and setup; we only ask for server information from the broker in order to set our tech stack up correctly for the individual broker.

Finally, traders are not able to connect to other brokers; they can only connect to their sponsoring broker.

Three reasons brokers should consider Tradeworks

  • An ideal tool to offer to traders as a way to upgrade their game, instead of giving up on trading completely
  • Easy technical implementation on top of well-known MT4 technology
  • Transparency in achieved results (reports of trading volume etc.) for brokers

Would you like to know how many of your traders would actually use Tradeworks?

We would love to answer that question, or any other question you might have.

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