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Strategy Symbol

This article describes how to set one symbol for use in all indicators and rules in your strategy.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

Setting stop loss and take profit rules or values for your trading strategy.

Time to Close

When to close your trades.


Details regarding backtesting your strategy and analyse results before getting into forward trading.

Max. Open Trades

Set you maximum limit for opening trades gives you better control on your trading strategy.

Stop Loss vs Trailing Stop

Set a trailing stop loss rule for your trading strategy.

Trade Timing or Trading Window

Decide when you want to enter the market.

Money Management

You can choose adjust Money Management rules to add to your trading strategy


Receive signals from market based on constraints

Crosses Comparisons and Indicators Calculations

How Indicators are calculated in MT4 and Crosses comparison

Performance Analysis

Strategy Performance Analysis Tool helps understand your strategy stats while trading

Clone a Strategy

Ever wondered if a certain strategy works better with a different currency pair?

Turn on Strategy

Turn on your Strategy for trading