Set Symbol for your Strategy

This article describes how to set one symbol (or market or currency pair e.g EURUSD, USDJPY) for use in all indicators and rules in your strategy.

Quick Start

The Strategy Symbol is an easy way to use the same symbol throughout your strategy. Just select Strategy Symbol whenever you create or edit an indicator or rule.

Where to set the Strategy Symbol

On the Strategy Settings screen, you will see a prominent box that says ‘Strategy Symbol’. Box contains drop down list for all the available symbols. Select your desired symbol from the drop down box and save your changes. Please follow the step by step guide below for more details.

Symbol Selector

The Symbol Selector component is a drop down list of symbols (see Step 3). You will find this component when creating or editing Indicators, Signal Rules, or Trade Timing rules that use a custom rule. The Symbol Selector will automatically default to the Strategy Symbol.

Default list of Symbols

Prior to adding and associating your trading account to your strategy, Symbol Selector shows a default list of commonly used symbols.

Broker Specific Symbols

Once your strategy is associated with a trading account, the symbols that your broker offers will be displayed.

Changing Symbol while your Strategy is in Enabled or Turn On state

Currently it's not possible to change a symbol while your strategy is in active state. If you want to change the symbol of your Trading Strategy , you must turn it off and turn on again after changing your symbol.