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Tradeworks allows you to seamlessly design, test, run and analyse all your algorithmic trading strategies in one complete solution.

We have a lot of great features we would like to share with you. Below are some of our favourites.



Get started with automated trading within minutes! As opposed to building algorithms from scratch, take advantage of the the pre-built research strategy database. Just select a strategy of your choice, run a backtest, adjust the risk profile to your liking and run it on a demo or live trading account.

chart and statistics of the historic performance of template trading robot

The next generation

Algo editor

The Tradeworks trading robot editor box

For the more adventurous traders who would like to explore algo trading but have little or no programming experience, we have built the world’s most user friendly interface which allows you to design your preferred trading strategies within minutes. Once inside the Algo Editor, you can modify individual aspects of the strategy - of course always in real-time!



Backtesting has never been so easy to perform. Once you have selected your preferred historic data set and run the backtest, you will be provided with a complete user friendly statistical report. In addition to this, you will also see a detailed bar-chart with visualised open and close timing.

To further explore your chosen strategy, you can also run a forward test on a demo trading account.

Example of Tradeworks backtest


Performance Analytics

Tradeworks provides real-time, statistical performance analysis on all your trading strategies. This will allow you to gain a deeper insight into the current and future performance of the strategy.